Women Running for Office and the 2016 Election

Meghan Wallace spoke with the New Journal about the 2016 election and women running for office. When politicians began expressing interest in 2015 about running for Delaware's open congressional seat, Meghan Wallace was in shock. It was all...

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African American women are standing up and running for office

We’ve seen it over and over again in the year since Donald Trump’s inauguration — there’s a palpable desire for a change in the lived experiences of those who represent us, and an invigorated effort to elect those who can represent that...

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Women to the Front Podcast

Mary Ann's List co-founder, Lauren CW Vella, spoke with Nick Beard for the Women to the Front podcast about the work of the organization and the case for women in politics in Delaware. Listen to episode 4 of the podcast here.  (Lauren is...

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