Real Delaware Women for Real Change

Our 2020 candidates represent real Delaware women who we are proud to endorse and support as they seek elected office. They are mothers, veterans, social justice advocates, and lawyers, who represent the values you and I want to see in our political system.

We are proud to introduce them to you.

Attorney General Kathy Jennings

Delaware Attorney General
Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings was the first statewide endorsement of Mary Ann’s List in the 2018 election cycle. She has extensive experience as a prosecutor working to protect victims of crime but understands the importance of reforming the criminal justice system to ensure it is fair for all. As Attorney General, Kathy is a critical line of defense to push back against the Trump Administration's draconian policies.

State Auditor Kathy McGuiness

Delaware State Auditor
As the first woman elected as Delaware's State Auditor, Kathy McGuiness is working to reform the Office of the Auditor. She has a vision to modernize the work to again make this important oversight office a relevant and effective advocate for the public.

Senator Elizabeth Lockman

State Senate District 3
Representing the City of Wilmington, Senator Elizabeth "Tizzy" Lockman is deeply committed to empowering the community she now represents. She spent years advocating for improved public schools and will now be able to champion that work as a policymaker.

Senator Laura Sturgeon

State Senate District 4
Senator Laura Sturgeon is a public-school teacher committed to improving Delaware schools and protecting the environment. Because of your help, she beat her opponent, an entrenched well-funded Republican, to take the 4th Senate District seat in 2018. Unlike her predecessor, Laura will work to protect women's right plan their families on their own terms.

Senator Stephanie Hansen

State Senate District 10
Representing south Newark and Middletown, Senator Stephanie Hansen has fought for reproductive healthcare, equal rights, comprehensive addiction care and is known as a leader on environmental issues. Her election to the Senate in 2017 preserved the Democratic majority and made it possible for Delaware to codify Roe v. Wade, protecting our right to choose.

Representative Stephanie T. Bolden

State Representative District 2
Representative Stephanie T. Bolden has been a leader on housing issues and a stalwart advocate for the City of Wilmington in Delaware's House of Representatives. Before the pink wave, she was the only woman of color in the Delaware House since she was elected in 2010.

Representative Sherry Dorsey Walker

State Representative District 3
Born and raised in Wilmington, Representative Sherry Dorsey Walker is well-prepared to represent residents in the city's 3rd District. She is committed to social justice issues and improving the lives of families throughout Delaware.

Representative Kendra Johnson

State Representative District 5
Representative Kendra Johnson represents a district in Bear, Newark and New Castle. She has dedicated her career to serving people with disabilities and is passionate about serving her community.  

Representative Debra Heffernan

State Representative District 6
Representative Debra Heffernan serves the Brandywine Hundred community. She has successfully fought for better access to birth control, protected a woman's right to choose and spearheaded groundbreaking paid parental leave legislation in Delaware. She is an advocate for people with disabilities and a leader on environmental issues.

Representative Krista Griffith

State Representative District 12
Representative Krista Griffith is a former state prosecutor who protected seniors and victims of domestic violence. She understands the need for everyone to access a quality healthcare system through her personal experience caring for her youngest son, who is now in remission from leukemia. She is an advocate for and fighter for the most vulnerable Delawareans.  

Representative Valerie Longhurst

State Representative District 15
Representative and House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst has spearheaded countless efforts to pass meaningful legislation to support women and their families. She is a fierce advocate for closing the wage gap and protecting our reproductive rights, and she led the charge to finally add the Equal Rights Amendment to the Delaware Constitution.

Representative Melissa Minor-Brown

State Representative District 17
Elected to represent New Castle, Delaware, Representative Melissa Minor-Brown is a nurse by trade. She passionately believes in quality, affordable healthcare, liveable wages and strong mental health and addiction services. She's a strong advocate for youth and vulnerable Delawareans in her district and across the state.

Representative Kimberly Williams

State Representative District 19
Through the courageous efforts of Representative Kim Williams, Delaware became the first state in the nation to ban child marriage. She has crafted legislation that combats human trafficking, addresses campus sexual assault reporting and she worked tirelessly to secure funding for more adequate special education services for Delaware students.

Representative Andria Bennett

State Representative District 32
Representative Andria Bennett is currently the only female legislator from Kent County representing the greater Dover area. She worked to criminalize the practice of revenge porn and she serves on the Sunset Government Accountability Committee.  

Councilwoman Dee Durham

NCC Council District 2
New Castle County Councilwoman Dee Durham is an environmental advocate and co-founder of Plastic Free Delaware. She has a strong background in conservation, governmental transparency and smart growth issues. She works hard to represent her district of Brandywine Hundred, spanning to the state line.

Councilwoman Lisa Diller

NCC Council District 5
New Castle County Councilwoman Lisa Diller has served Newark with distinction since 2009. She co-chairs the Community Services Committee focused on housing, parks and library programs.