Jaci Hugg

State Senator District 15

In a time where politics is often defined by divisiveness and anger, Jaci Hugg for State Senate is a breath of fresh air. Jaci believes that everyone deserves a voice at the table and will fight tirelessly so that everyone has a fair shot to succeed. Running for Kent County’s 15th Senate District seat, Jaci is committed to helping residents build a safe, thriving future. With that comes with access to high quality affordable healthcare, supporting our local economy and farmers, and inclusive educational opportunities. Jaci has a vision to help her neighbors.  She is the voice we all need.

  • Jaci has lived in the district her entire life (give or take a few years). She graduated from Symrna High School.
  • She believes that the district deserves a very responsive Senator, who is accessible to talk with them and answer their questions and concerns.
  • As a Legislative Aide in the Delaware General Assembly, Jaci knows the ins and outs of policy making. She hasn’t run for office before, but she can hit the ground running because of her experience with the Senate as a staff person.
  • Jaci looks forward to working on racial inequities and land conservation in the district- ensuring all voices are heard and advocated for in Dover.