Madinah Wilson-Anton

State Representative District 26

Madinah Wilson-Anton believes that every Delawarean deserves the opportunity to thrive. Clean water and air, fair wages, equal justice, affordable healthcare and a strong education system are basic rights of all working families – and Madinah will fight for those rights in the Delaware Legislature.

Growing up in New Castle County’s 26th Representative District gave her the foundation for advocacy and activism. We know her passion will inspire strong policies for social justice and equal rights and opportunities in the General Assembly.

  • Passionate about policy that works in the real world, Madinah is able to see the birds-eye view of how policy will (or will not) work in the long term. By anticipating the unintended consequences of policy change, she can work to correct them before they burden her constituents.
  • Madinah looks forward to a more equitable system for funding failing community roads and infrastructure, while also taking the long-view of how development affects our environment.
  • During her primary campaign and before COVID-19, she knocked over 6,000 doors. This lead to her historic primary win and demonstrates how hard she will work in Dover.