We need more women in seats of political power.

More than half of Delawareans are women, and yet women hold only 24% of the seats in the state legislature. Women must be better represented — from school board to statewide elected office. It’s time to act. Mary Ann’s List is changing Delaware politics through our work to recruit, train and support pro-choice Democratic women in the First State to represent us in elected office.

Founding Members

Thank you to the founding members of Mary Ann's List!

Raina Allen
Atnre Alleyne
Angela Anacay
Harry Anderson
Natalie Aussprung
Tonya Baker Garvin
Sylvia Banks
Ian Connor Bifferato
Catriona Binder-Macleod
Lisa Blunt Rochester
Carol Boncelet
Denise Bowers
Anne Canby
Jesse Chadderdon
Lucy Comstock-Gay
Rebecca Cotto
Patricia Dailey Lewis
Alyce DeGennaro
Claire DeMatteis
Moira Donoghue
Gail Donohue
Katie Ellis
Lora Englehart
Kathleen Epler
Toni Essner
Kiki Evinger
Stephen Ferguson
Roberta Finkelstein
Edward Freel
Margaret Fuller
Kyle Gay
Shannon German
Guillermina Gonzalez
Lisa Goodman
Anne Green
Krista Griffith
Deborah Hamilton
Ellyn Herbert
Nancy Hickman
Lynne Howard
Amy Hughes
Rita Hughes
Aimee Isaac
Julie Jackson
Kathleen Jennings
Donna Johnson
Camilla Jones
Helene Keeley
Sarah Kenney
Mariann Kenville-Moore
Berta Kerr
Andrea Kreiner
Karen Lantz
Leslie Ledogar
Valerie Longhurst
Ruth Lytle-Barnaby
Carla Markell
Maria Matos
Brenda Mayrack
Rebecca McAndrews
Sally McBride
Sarah McBride
Kathy McGuiness
Faith Meisinger-Petit
Pam Meitner
Tracey Miller
Suzanne Moore
James Murray
Patricia Nerwinski
Sue Nyden
Lisa Ogden
Lori Palmer
Jacqueline Paradee Mette
Melinda Penn
Louisa Phillips
Penny Pleasance
Carol Post
Cynthia Primo Martin
Kristine Qualls
Erik Raser-Schramm
Elyse Reznick
Katie Riggan
Katie Rimpfel
Jennifer Rini
LaKresha Roberts
Carling Ryan
Sonia Schorr Sloan
Barbara Scoglietti
Meredith Seitz
Donna Shand
Sheila Smith
Kim Siegel
Alicia Smith
Sara Smith
Tara Smith
Laura Sturgeon
Christine Sudell
Mariann Taylor
Lauren C. Vella
Lauren CW Vella
Jane Vincent
Kim von Weltin
Carolyn Walker
Meghan Wallace
John Williams
Kimberly Williams
Andrew Wilson
Natalie Woloshin
Sarah Wootten

Let's make a change

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